PXG Custom Fit Clubs- Price determined based on custom fitting

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Come see our PXG Master Fitters to receive the ultimate PXG fitting experience.

Our Master fitter delivers an unparalleled fitting experience. Meticulously trained by the engineers and designers who build PXG clubs, PXG’s Master Fitters are product and fitting experts.

Onsite our PXG Master Fitter will work with you to ensure they fully understand your swing and personal goals. Our fitter will provide TrackMan® data to support the decision-making process. Factors such as: face angle, launch angle, ball speed, spin rate, attack angle and club path are all analyzed to identify the head-shaft combination for optimum distance, control and consistency. With expert knowledge of the PXG product lineup, your Master Fitter will also determine the best head weight and weight configuration for enhanced playability and shot-making.


Please call Josh at (517) 253-0960.

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