Bettinardi 2020 BB Series Putters

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Robert J. Bettinardi first revealed his BB Series to the world in 1999. Twenty years later, American ingenuity and expert craftsmanship, along with PGA Tour success have lead to the most advanced BB Series lineup yet. Refined with a measure of distinct elegance, The 2020 BB Series features four classic shapes with tighter milled radiuses and contours that setup perfectly at address. Robert’s Super-Fly Face Milling offers players true consistency on the greens, without faulty inserts, for a more responsive feel at impact. Tour grade components in the shaft and new Lamkin Sink Fit grip complement each BB Series putter and completely new look with our durable Glacier Black finish and signature red, white, and blue paint scheme. Explore the all-new BB1, BB1-Flow, BB8-Wide, and BB45 below.

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