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Buying Custom-Built or Off-the-Rack Clubs?

While enjoying your next round on the course or practicing at a local driving range, take note of how your fellow golfers differ in size, shape, athletic build, and, most importantly, their swing. Every golfer has unique characteristics, some more perceptible than others. When you go to a store that has clubs already assembled, ask yourself who those clubs were made for. Then, ask yourself if it makes more sense to use mass produced equipment straight off the rack or to optimize your game with customized clubs that cater to your individual needs.

Leading Edge Golf has the right answer for any golf swing. We specialize in innovative custom fitting of all brands of clubs, including highly sought after Japanese Domestic Market product. We carry up to 40% more golf shafts than any certified clubfitter in the state of Michigan and use the best technology in the industry to ensure accuracy and results.

Although we scrupulously analyze key performance data collected by TrackMan and SAM PuttLab, we don't view those tools as the "end all" for a proper fitting. Our expert fitters also employ top of the line tour van equipment for MOI Speed Matching, CPM Frequency Calculations, Set Curing, and other essential procedures.

With fitters who have appeared on Golf Digest's list of "America's 100 Best Clubfitters" and continually work with players from the web.com tour, LPGA tour, mini tours, and multiple college golf teams, Leading Edge Golf is sure to put you on the fast track to lower scores and more fun! RESULTS GUARANTEED

- Joshua Herrera, Master Clubfitter